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Why Is My Dehumidifier Freezing Up?

A dehumidifier that freezes up can be a bit of an alarming issue. But it's not an uncommon one. Dehumidifiers work with water so there's always a risk that somehow that water and excess moisture can pose a threat. In this case, freezing up the machine and potentially causing damage because of it. And if the dehumidifier freezes up and stops working, the underlying problem will only get worse.

Like any issue with a dehumidifier, this problem can have multiple sources, so it'll take a little bit of digging to make sure you figure out which one you need to tackle. It also doesn't hurt to call a professional and for an issue like this. You may have to if there is damage to the appliance that needs to be repaired or the entire appliance needs to be replaced.

Room temperature is too low

The first and most obvious cause of a frozen dehumidifier is the temperature of the room it sits in. Dehumidifiers that sit in basements or in attics where there is little flow of warm air in the winter months can be at risk for freezing over. The majority of dehumidifiers are designed to operate in 65 degrees or above. Anything significantly lower than that can be a problem for a dehumidifier which relies on its own cooling to condense the moisture it pulls in. So it becomes a double whammy of cold air that begins to freeze the moisture in the appliance and the problem only snowballs. Make sure it sits in a temperature consistent with the manufacturer's recommendation.

Bad air flow

A less common but still possible problem is the airflow to the machine. Dehumidifiers rely on constant airflow and coils that cool and condense that air to collect water. If there are problems in the airflow then the smooth process could become disrupted and leftover water could be at risk for freezing. Regular maintenance is the key to making sure the airflow on the appliance doesn't get blocked but if the problem has already happened calling a professional is your best bet to get it repaired.

Dirty evaporator or condenser coils

Another point for regular maintenance is making sure the evaporator and condenser coils are cleaned regularly. This causes similar problems to the blocked airflow by disrupting the system and causing debris and water to become lodged in places where the constant exposure to the coils and airflow can cause freezing. You should have these components regularly cleaned and if you're already experiencing issues then you should call a professional for assistance.

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