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Why is My Dehumidifier Leaking?

Dehumidifiers are interesting appliances. Their complex inner workings, when working correctly, they'll pull excess moisture out of your air to help fight bacteria or mold build up and make the air more breathable for sensitive groups. And because of the way it catches and holds onto water, it's no surprise that leaks can be somewhat common with them.

Have you noticed new puddles of water near your dehumidifier or seen it actively leaking? This isn't something to sit on. Leaks can become hazard to health, attracting bacteria and pests, and be dangerous in high-traffic areas. It's important to investigate the source of a leak quickly and be prepared to call a professional if you can't solve the leak yourself.

Misalignment in the water collection chamber

Most dehumidifiers utilizes in homes are portable which means they don't have their own connection to plumbing or a water line and need to collect the water they pull from the air into a receptacle that will then be emptied out regularly. Sometimes this receptable can got jostled around and knocked out of place or simply not have been installed in the appliance properly. You can solve for this by unplugging the machine and removing the water bucket. Empty it out and the be sure to replace it securely. If you don't see any more water then you've found your answer.

A damage in the water collection chamber

While you're looking in your water collection chamber to see if it's sitting awkwardly, you may notice the problem is a bit more serious than that. A not uncommon issue is that one of the many pieces inside the dehumidifier cracks and breaks and the seamless transfer of moisture down into the water collection chamber is broken. If the leak is the result of a damaged part, you'll need to call a professional to find out if and how you can replace the part or if you need an entirely new appliance.

A clogged drain hose

For the dehumidifiers that are not portable and thus rely on a hookup to dispense water, you may be dealing with an issue in the drainage hose. The drainage hose is designed for water but debris can easily find its way inside and become logged in the hose which will eventually back up the water enough that you'll start to notice a leak. Unplug your appliance and take a look at the drainage hose to see if you can spot any obvious signs of distress. It's good to talk to a professional about the best and safest way to clean out a block without doing further damage to the appliance.

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