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Why Is My Dehumidifier Noisy?

One of the best benefits of a dehumidifier is the way it works fairly silently to keep your air low in humidity. While it may make a bit of noise while doing its job, excessive, loud or sudden noises are not generally part of the everyday working function of a dehumidifier. They may be a sign that something is up with the appliance.

There could be loose or damaged parts, or even something mechanically wrong with the dehumidifier. Lots of sounds could have lots of different sources, and it takes a bit of investigation to make sure you locate the source. Depending on where it's coming from, you may be able to resolve the noise yourself, or you may need to call for professional help for a more involved problem in need of experience.

Check for loose parts

The most common cause of a noisy dehumidifier is loose parts. A dehumidifier may arrive out of the box with parts in need of tightening, or you may have assembled it yourself and not done the best job (we can't all be professionals). Take a look for loose pieces that may be jangling or vibrating as the dehumidifier works and tighten them based on the manufacturer's guidelines. If that gets rid of the noise, then you've solved your problem. If you're still hearing the noise, you'll potentially need to call for help for a more complex issue.

A compressor in need of repair

Like AC units, dehumidifiers utilize a compressor that works to pressurize the refrigerant in the condenser coils to force the moisture in the air to turn liquid and collect in the machine. Because this process requires all the parts to be working, a problem in any one of them will disrupt the process, and you may start hearing odd noises. Because of the nature of the compressor and its job, it's the most likely to start making noise if something is wrong with it. This is something you should go to a professional for to find out the best repair plan.

A bad fan motor

Another common place to find the source of a noisy dehumidifier is in the fan motor. This is probably the noisiest part of the dehumidifier on a good day, so when something's wrong with it, you'll start to hear odd and sudden noises. It could be that parts within it are loose, the fan blades are damaged, the blades are blocked by something or the motor is simply dying. Call a professional to give the motor a quick once over to find out the best way to proceed with repairing it.

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