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Why Is My Dehumidifier Not Collecting Water?

A dehumidifier that doesn't do its job is really no use at all. Your dehumidifier works by pulling in humid air and sending it through condenser coils that quickly lower the temperature of the air and turn the vapor water into liquid where it drips down and collects into a water collection tank or is drained out through a drainage hose. If water isn't being collected or discharged, then a few different things could be wrong in the whole dehumidifier process.

Dehumidifiers do a more complex job than we give them credit for. And having one that works right for you every time is a luxury you don't want to lose. So if you've been using a dehumidifier that doesn't seem to be collecting any water, then you want to start investigating what could be faulty with the machine to get it working again.

Problem with the air flow

The beginning of the process of dehumidifying is actually pulling in air, much like an AC unit. This means that one of the first places of failure is in the air flow. Take a look at your appliance. Do you notice any obstructions that could be blocking the air flow? Is there any debris buildup or does it seem to be icing anywhere? If you don't notice obstructions look to see if you can find points of damage that could be hampering the overall function of the air flow and keeping the moisture air from actually getting into the machine.

Faulty condenser coils

When the air gets through the machine it ends up at the condenser coils which are full of refrigerant that quickly cool the air. This process takes the vapor water in the air and makes it liquid (hence the condensing). From there the liquid water collects in the tank. But if something is wrong with the coils, such as debris clogging them or a lack of refrigerant, then they won't be able to turn the air into water and the tank will be empty. Have a professional take a look at the inner workings to make sure the condenser coils are working properly.

Is there a leak?

It's possible the mechanics of the dehumidifier are working fine and it's the water collection tank itself that's failing. This can be from a leak somewhere in the tank that's allowing the water to escape. The most obvious sign of this will be a puddle of water under your dehumidifier. So if you spot leaking in conjunction with a dehumidifier that doesn't seem to be collecting water, this is likely what you're dealing with.

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