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Why is My Dishwasher Making Noise?

Your dishwasher is doing a lot and has a lot of moving parts, so noise is to be expected. But not all noises from your dishwasher are as common or as welcome as you might think, especially if your dishwasher is supposed to be quiet or nearly silent. Grinding, buzzing, whistling, or loud thuds are not a good thing to be hearing from a running dishwasher and it should not be so loud that it's drowning out the other sounds in your home.

Nowadays, most homeowners want nearly silent dishwashers. While you can pay for ones that are virtually soundless, most models already tamper down the noise for consumers. That makes sudden noises or sustained loud noises all the more noticeable for homeowners. If you're hearing noises, it's important to figure out the cause and get it fixed quickly to prevent damage to the appliance. While some of it can be explained by overfilling a dishwasher, some problems are more complicated.

A defective drain pump

The drain pump of a dishwasher is how the dishwasher drains out water at the end of a cycle. Most often this is a single motor pump that has one compartment for circulation and one compartment for draining. Sound complicated? It kind of is. Any part of this drain pump can be failing and causing the rattling and if you don't know what you're looking at it can be impossible to diagnose the problem. If you have some knowledge of your dishwasher, you can take a look but otherwise you should call a professional.

Worn down water inlet valve

The water inlet valve of your dishwasher is how water comes into the tub to do the actual cleaning. Over time, this inlet valve can wear down and become damaged. When this happens, it can cause high-pitched sounds as water passes through it. So if you're dealing with whistling, buzzing, or squealing, it could be this. If you find the water inlet valve is in fact damaged, it will most likely need to be replaced.

Damaged drain valve

If you still can't find the problem, you may be dealing with a problem in your drain valve. Not all dishwashers have a drain valve, so if you do have one and still have unexplained noises, it may be that. This usually produces a buzzing sound when a part inside the drain valve has failed. Because of the complexity, it's usually best to call a professional to take a look.

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