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Why is My Dishwasher Not Cleaning?

Dishwashers are perhaps one of the most convenient appliances you can have in your kitchen. There's nothing like a pile of dirty dishes in the sink that just disappear inside the dishwasher and come out clean. But when you open the dishwasher and find food residue and find yourself cleaning the dishes again anyway, it can become incredibly frustrating. Not only is it extra work, but it's a drain on your water bill to be running a dishwasher that isn't doing its job.

So, how do you solve for a dishwasher that is repeatedly not getting the job done? There's a few solutions you can try out here. This is a pretty common problem which, while irritating, means there's quite a few ways to troubleshoot and research solutions.

De-clog your dishwasher

Often a dishwasher that isn't doing its job is suffering from grime and debris build-up. This can cause clogs in important water lines in the appliance. A simple way to tackle food deposit build-up is to run a vinegar cycle on your dishwasher. To do this take about three cups of white vinegar and pour it over the bottom of your dishwasher and then run a usual cycle. The vinegar and water will breakdown any build-up of food debris or mineral deposits, freeing up the dishwasher to get back to cleaning.

Raise the water temperature

It's possible your dishwasher's inability to clean is not about clogs or a dishwasher in need of scrubbing. Hot water is a vital part of breaking down food particles. So, it's possible that your dishwasher is simply not getting hot enough to effectively break down the leftover particles on your dirty dishes. You want the water to get to somewhere around 120 degrees. Most dishwashers will automatically regulate their water temperature but if this isn't working, you can check out to toggle the settings on your appliance or call a professional to make sure there's nothing wrong with the water line.

Check your dishwasher's water inlet valve

This is the most technical and involved fix. If cleaning your dishwasher and the water temperature aren't the solutions, it's possible something mechanical is failing with your appliance. The water inlet valve is the mechanism that sends water into the dishwasher and it could be clogged or damaged. Check for clogs and listen for odd noises while your dishwasher is running. If you hear a hammering sound or find your inlet valve isn't letting water in, you should call a professional to take a look.

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