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Why Is My Freezer Running Constantly?

While we all want a freezer that works, you don't want one that's working in overdrive. A freezer that constantly runs is a drain on your energy bills and usually means that something is wrong with the inner workings of the appliance. While you want it cycling through cool-down periods and defrosts, you don't want it constantly trying to get down to temperature or constantly trying to defrost. If you've got a freezer that just won't quit, you've probably got another problem you're dealing with.

A freezer that constantly runs can be noisy and it can also eat up your energy bill at the end of the month. While you can perform some resets to see if you can get it working in rhythm again, sometimes there's a bigger underlying issue that needs to be solved before your freezer will calm down. If your freezer won't stop running, then start to do a bit of poking around and research and be prepared to call a professional.

A faulty door gasket

The first and easiest place to look for the culprit behind your constantly running freezer is the freezer door. Along the door there is a gasket that creates the air tight seal that ensures when the freezer door is closed minimal moisture and warm air is getting in and the temperature within the freezer can remain constant. But when the gasket is damaged or faulty in some way, the seal doesn't hold or the door doesn't close completely and now the freezer is fighting to keep cool temperatures with warm, moist air constantly flowing in. Take a look for weak points or places of damage on the door gasket.

Defrost timer is faulty

Your freezer runs on a cycle and has a timer to help keep the order. The defrost timer cycles the freezer's heater to ensure there won't be any ice build-up inside the freezer but also that the temperature doesn't drop so much that food begins to thaw. It's a delicate balance and a defrost timer that's gone rogue could cause a freezer to run more than it should. You can check your manufacturer's instructions on how to reset the defrost timer but be prepared to call a professional if the issue is damage to the timer.

Electronic display board

The electronic display board is the brain of your freezer so many problems can be traced back to it. Since it monitors the temperature and tells various other parts of the appliance how and when to do their jobs, it's important to give it a check to make sure it is properly working. If you can locate it on your model and feel comfortable taking a look yourself, you can assess it for damage but you might need a professional's help, especially if there is no obvious damage but the board is not working for some reason.

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