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Why Is My Freezer Leaking?

A leak is never a good sign. It's also not something you should leave to fester. Leaks are a symptom of a larger problem and the leaks themselves can become dangerous when water is left standing on a high-traffic surface or an area where bacteria or pests might come flocking. You should handle a leak as soon as you notice it and be prepared to call a professional for assistance, if you need to, in order to get the leak under control.

A leak left unattended is going to lead to damage and result in more problems for whatever caused the leak in the first place. On top of that, you'll be losing water which is bad for your utility bill and bad for the environment. If you noticed water leaking out of freezer, you should start investigating the problem and call for help ASAP.

Improperly stored food in the freezer

Believe it or not, a leak could be the result of some user error, though it's less common than many of the other leak causes out there. If you've got a jam packed freezer then you're already making it difficult on the appliance as the cold air can't circulate properly. Add into this that frozen foods might begin to thaw and create more moisture in the freezer that then leaks out. Take a look inside your freezer and shuffle some things around or see what you can remove. You may be surprised to find your leak is just the result of an overstuffed freezer and not something wrong with the appliance itself.

A cracked drain tube

This is one of the more serious issues and definitely one you'll want to call a professional for. On the bottom of your freezer or refrigerator you've got a drain pan that has the job of collecting the excess water and filtering it out. Any damage to the drain tube or the pan could be the source of the water spillage. Look at your manufacturer's instructions to locate your drain pan and drain tube and closely inspect it for a crack or other damage. If you hit pay dirt here, you'll want to call a professional to get it repaired ASAP to stop the leaking.

A faulty drain hole

Another of the more involved possibilities here is you've got a problem with your drain hole. This is also called the defrost hole and it's located on the back of the freezer where it has the job of draining water. But it can become clogged with debris, food, or even ice particles which disrupts the water flow and sends it spilling out onto the floor. Take a look at the drain hole in the back of your appliance and see if it needs to be cleaned. Also inspect it for damage and find out if it needs to be replaced.

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