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Why Won’t My Freezer Turn On?

A freezer that won’t turn on is really no help to anyone. It also makes it somewhat difficult to diagnose the problem when there’s no symptoms you can track. While there can be some obvious potential fixes to a freezer that won’t turn on, some are more complex, and some are a downright puzzle that only a professional can really help you solve. That’s why going through some troubleshooting and research is an important part of dealing with issues when it comes to your freezer.

A freezer that isn’t turning on or not working can be suffering from a few different things, some of them more obvious and easier to fix than others. You might be surprised to find there’s actually a lot of complicated parts to making a freezer not only turn on and function but maintain its temperature and avoid faults and leaks. So there’s no harm in calling for help if troubleshooting your freezer issues becomes too much.

Make sure the freezer has power

Always check the power and don’t feel dumb for doing so. It’s very common to have a freezer that seems to be defective only to find out the issue was the power source all along. Check to make sure it’s plugged in. Then check to make sure there’s no damage to the cord that could cause it to lose power. Then check to make sure the outlet it’s plugged into is receiving power. You may find your fix is pretty simple when you do that, but you also may rule out the quick user error solution if this is not the cause of your dormant freezer.

Bad thermostat control

A more complicated issue may be in the thermostat control. The thermostat is what monitors the temperature of your freezer and makes sure it’s staying within the prescribed levels. If the thermostat is not reading the temperature properly, or not reading the temperature at all, it could keep your freezer off indefinitely without any signals to tell it to start churning out cold air. Take a look at your thermostat or have a professional take a look to assess it for damage or to see if you need to have it replaced.

Bad start relay

Most modern models of freezers utilize a start relay. This is a small device in the compressor circuit which helps get the compressor started up. If it’s not working, then you’ve got a problem of an open circuit and lack of power to the compressor. This could be from damage, bad installation, or just faulty components. No matter what, this is a job for a professional since dealing with the bowels of a freezer can get tricky fast.

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