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Why Is My Freezer Too Warm?

You want your freezer cold, plain and simple. It needs to be able to keep foods below freezing to ensure their longevity. A freezer that's too warm isn't just annoying, it can impact the quality and even the safety of the food you store there. If you've noticed food thawing, not freezing properly, or other signs that your freezer isn't quite freezing, then you should get it looked at ASAP. You don't want to let an issue like this go for very long.

While there are some quick checks you can do to be sure user error isn't the source of your too-warm freezer issue, many issues can be a bit more involved and complicated once you've ruled out the easy stuff. This can mean digging around in the bowels of your freezer and calling about replacement parts. That's why it's important to talk to a professional about your freezer repair needs as soon as you think the issue is more than you can handle.

Check the temperature

The first thing to do is check the temperature setting on your freezer. Make sure it's set to the manufacturer's recommended settings. While doing this, also make sure the thermostat is reading properly. If its temperature read is off then it won't be sending the right signals to the freezer and your temperature will get out of whack. Start by checking these things since they'll be the easiest fixes to handle when it comes to getting your freezer back in working order.

Evaporator fan motor issues

The evaporator fan sits at the back of the freezer and is responsible for distributing cold air throughout the freezer. If the evaporator fan fails in some way, it will result in temperature fluctuations at different parts of the freezer. This also leads to the compressor running constantly which can be a huge drain on energy. Take a look at this by turning off the freezer, removing the evaporator fan cover, and looking at the fan itself. If you notice damage or ice buildup, that's a problem. If you can't see a problem with your eyes, you'll want a professional to inspect the fan to see if there is a more mechanical or electrical issue.

Electric control board problems

This is perhaps the most involved way to tackle the issue. Many newer models of freezers utilize an electronic control board that helps to monitor temperatures and then relays this info to the evaporator fan and compressor to make sure it responds accordingly. If there is something wrong with the control board, then the whole system might be suffering from incorrect signals. If you feel comfortable taking a look yourself, you can find this inside the control box at the top or side of the unit. However, we advise you seek out the help of a professional to tackle this both for your safety and to prevent further damage to the appliance.

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