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Garbage Disposal Repair in Your Area

A garbage disposal is one of the handiest luxuries you can have in your kitchen, especially if you're a home cook or like to host and entertain. But garbage disposals can have a few common issues arise that require a bit of troubleshooting to sort out or even a professional to handle fully

Garbage disposal smells

Any waste collector will be susceptible to smells. But for a garbage disposal it's usually a symptom of it not working efficiently. There's a few reasons your garbage disposal may be failing to break down food or drain.

Garbage disposal not turning on at all

This is often referred to as a "dead" garbage disposal—no noise and no grinding when you flip the switch. This is usually some sort of electrical problem or a loose part. You can research more to troubleshoot before calling for help

Garbage disposal is leaking

Your garbage disposal can leak from a few different places. They can leak from any part of the plumbing system or even drain into your dishwasher. This could be the result of a few different problems. Research the causes and call a professional for help

Garbage disposal drains slow

A slow or non-draining garbage disposal is a problem that will build up fast. This can be a sign that, for some reason, the garbage disposal is not properly breaking down food debris. Take a look at some causes and call a professional for repair help

Garbage disposal hums but doesn't grind

A common issue is that your garbage disposal will hum but not do much else. This is usually the result of a clog or jam. Research the causes to troubleshoot yours and call a professional

Garbage disposal is smoking

This is not something you want to see. Smoke coming from anywhere can be dangerous. For a garbage disposal, smoke could indicate the motor is failing or a circuit has shorted. Call a professional quickly and read up on the potential causes

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