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Why Is My Garbage Disposal Not Turning On?

As scary as it seems, a garbage disposal is a pretty simple machine. Something going wrong with the appliance doesn't leave the endless line of repair possibilities that other appliances, such as an oven or freezer, do. That being said, a garbage disposal that doesn't work can be incredibly frustrating, especially when your garbage disposal is imperative to the functionality and hygiene of your kitchen.

Garbage disposals are also incredibly dangerous appliances, as they're designed to break down organic food matter. There are plenty of ways to injure yourself on a garbage disposal if you don't have knowledge and experience properly dealing with one. So if you're dealing with a garbage disposal that won't turn on or work at all, you should call a professional to handle it before trying to tinker with it yourself.

Check the electric

Like any appliance that won't seem to turn on or function, the first place to look is the electricity to make sure everything is flowing properly. You can safely check the plug for your garbage disposal beneath the sink and make sure it's plugged in. You should also check for damage to the wire while you're examining it. Then, you can make sure there are no breakers flipped that are cutting off power to the garbage disposal's outlet. If none of these yields an answer, you can reset your garbage disposal by flipping the reset on the underside of the appliance. Any fix beyond this should be referred to a professional.

A clog in the appliance

It's entirely possible that a clog in the appliance has rendered the garbage disposal inoperable. This can be indicated by other signs, such as smells and odd sounds when you try to turn the garbage disposal on. You can attempt to rinse out the appliance with degreasing soap and ice cubes, but if that doesn't work, you'll need to call a professional to have the clog examined and the garbage disposal professional cleaned to ensure nothing is damaged from the clog, and it functions properly with the obstruction removed.

A busted garbage disposal

Beyond the above fixes, you may simply be dealing with a garbage disposal that is defective or somehow damaged to the point where it no longer functions. It can be unclear why this might happen, but a professional can take a look inside the machine and recommend a repair or total replacement based on what they see. While sometimes garbage disposals can break down after years of use, some brand-new models are simply defective. Again, if you suspect this is the issue, call a professional rather than tinkering with the appliance yourself.

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