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Appliance Repair Marketing Insights - The Value of Tracking Your Phone Calls

New customer phone calls are the goal of your online marketing efforts, they are the juice that keeps your business running – these calls keep your technicians busy today and they build an established customer base who will rely on you in the future. So wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what you are getting from these phone calls? With the complete call trackability offered by, you will be able to track when and where each call comes from, what the call was regarding (from a brief voice-to-text transcription), and you can even go back and listen to calls between the customers and your staff.

Inbound call statistics are valuable in helping you to run your business. Knowing the time of day that you get the most calls, and the days of the week when you get the most traffic, are factors that help a business owner get organized and better understand how to utilize employees. Of course, it's also valuable to keep track of how many total inbound calls you are driving and how you can increase that number. But the call statistic that business owners obsess over is their batting average, or close percentage, which is simply the percentage of customer calls that convert to service calls.'s call tracking will not only let you accurately estimate your closing percentage, but, more importantly, the call recordings will help you to increase it. Listening to how your staff handles customer calls, you will find habits, both good and bad, which determine how likely it is that a service call is scheduled. Doing away with these bad habits can quickly, and sometimes significantly, increase your closing percentage, which will of course lead to a jump in ROI on your advertising dollars. Not sure what these bad habits might be? Call in to at 1-888-250-9157 and we will send you a free guide on maximizing your closing percentage.

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