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Services We Provide

Ice Maker Repair in Your Area

Ice makers are incredibly convenient. They can also be fickle and have problems that aren't easy to diagnose. Frost on the ice maker being a bad thing seems counterintuitive, right? There are other issues—like bad smells, temperature problems and loud noises—that need a professional's keen eye to diagnose and repair.

Ice maker is not making ice

Ideally, your ice maker will work quietly and consistently, preparing ice for whenever you need it. But it doesn't always work that way. Sometimes ice won't eject, will be too big or too small, or won't get made at all. Research can help prepare you for a call with a pro

Ice maker is leaking

One of the most common problems with an ice maker is a leak. The causes for the leak should be handled by a professional. That being said, it's important to know what not to do when your ice maker is leaking

Ice maker is frozen

This seems like a good thing right? If left alone the frosty build-up will block important components of your ice maker. Find out where the frost comes from and why it's not so good, then call a professional to tackle the necessary repairs

Ice maker makes noises

While you want some noise, a lot of noise is not good, especially if it's also not making ice. Failing compressors, faulty condenser fans, a broken drain pump, all this could be the cause. Researching your exact issue can shed some light on the problem

Ice maker runs constantly

You don't want to find your freezer drowning in ice cubes. And an ice maker that won't quit can eventually be a drain on your energy bill. Find out why this keeps happening and then make the call to get it fixed

Icemaker won't turn on

Your ice maker won't shut off for no reason. Usually something is wrong with the settings or a component to the ice maker is jamming up the system. Trying a few fixes can help you zero in on the problem

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