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Why Is My Ice Maker Running Constantly?

While you want your ice maker working, you don't want it constantly running. This can be a drain on your energy bill and result in an overflow of ice as it continues to make ice faster than you can use it. This is a pretty common problem and tends to manifest with older ice makers but an ice maker at any stage of its use can become victim to an overflow of ice as it constantly runs. This is a problem that you should fix to save money, water, and energy.

The ultimate culprit behind an ice maker that just won't quit can be plenty, unfortunately. Like any problem with an appliance, one symptom can usually point to multiple problems. The trick is figuring out the source of the issue before taking on any troubleshooting endeavor. And remember, there's no harm in calling a professional if you find yourself stuck looking for a solution.

A problem with the shut off arm

This is an easy cause to check off your list because it's usually very easy to see if there's a problem with the shut-off arm. The arm acts as the off and on the mechanism for your ice maker and if it gets stuck in the on position, it means you'll be quickly swimming in ice. If you look and don't notice any obvious damage, keep an eye on the arm throughout the day to make sure it's properly working. If you see it hasn't moved and seems stuck in the on position, then it's likely the source of your problem.

Faulty feeler paddle

If you've ruled out the shut off arm, it's possible the feeler paddle is the source of your issue. Inside your ice maker you've got a small plastic paddle that has the job of keeping tabs on the level of ice in the bin and signaling when it's time to stop making ice. If this component isn't working or broken in some way, the machine is going to have no way of knowing when it's time to stop making ice and will just keep going until told to stop. This paddle is found underneath your ice maker. Look at it for damage and consider replacing it to see if that fixes your problem.

Problems with the water inlet valve

If you've ruled out both of the above options, the next place to look is your ice maker's water inlet valve. This is how water gets into the ice maker and it can contribute to this problem by continuing to pump water into the ice maker without stopping. You can notice other symptoms of this because your ice will come out oddly shaped thanks to the overflow. It may even result in puddles or freeze overs from where the water spills out. Repairing or replacing this is a bit more complex and requires a professional's help.

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