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Why Is My Ice Maker Making Noise

You expect an ice maker to be making a little bit of noise but churning, grinding, or squealing sounds aren't good things to be hearing. If it's loud enough that it's noticeable, it's probably a symptom of a problem inside the appliance. There are a lot of things that could be the cause of the sounds you're hearing which is why it's important to pinpoint what exactly you're hearing and how to find the source of the noise so you can properly deal with the issue without causing even more damage and costing yourself more money in the long run.

You'll first want to make sure you've identified what kind of sound you're hearing. Is it a loud noise? Is it a grinding noise? Is it high-pitched? An ice maker is more mechanical and has more moving parts than you might think, so plenty of things could be the source of the odd sounds. It helps to do some of your own investigating before calling a professional to make sure you give them the right information.

Noises from an ice jam

One of the more common odd noises that can come from an ice maker is a grinding noise. This is often the result of an ice jam somewhere in the machine that prevents the components from moving the way they should. An ice jam can be the result of a few things, it could be because your ice maker is too cold and parts of the machine have frozen over, you may have excess moisture in the appliance which has frozen over, or a clog has built up to the point where it's become a full ice jam. In order to stop the noise, you'll want to clear out the source of the ice jam.

Ice build up in the fan

Another source of loud grinding noises in an ice maker is ice buildup in the evaporator fan. This fan has the job of distributing cold air throughout the appliance to help keep the temperature optimal for ice making and keep the cold temperature even throughout the appliance. It can also become the victim of ice buildup that results in some loud noises of struggle when it tries to do its job. This usually has the same causes as the above ice jam, so look at other parts of the machine to understand the true source of the problem.

Worn down fan bearings

If that evaporator fan isn't covered in ice but you're still hearing noises, there may be other problems with the fan you're not immediately noticing. In order for the fan to smoothly run and distribute cold air, it utilizes a metal ring bearing. If you've got an older appliance, this bearing can wear down with time which in turn makes it hard for the fan to run without making squeaking or grinding noises. The longer the fan struggles to run, the worse the problem will get and it can extend to other parts of the appliance, costing you more money unless you get a professional to take a look.

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