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Why Is My Ice Maker Not Making Ice?

For something that has ice maker as its name, not making ice seems like a pretty big problem. And it can be an annoying one too. You may not constantly rely on your ice maker but when you're out of ice in a pinch, especially on an especially hot summer day, it can quickly become irritating. Luckily, an ice maker not making ice is a relatively common issue and one that doesn't always need a professional's help if you do your research.

Compared to other appliances you could be dealing with, the ice maker is one of the more simple and easy to troubleshoot appliances out there. That doesn't mean every problem can be solved with some DIY but at the very least it's not too hard to figure your way around an ice maker. If you do need to call a professional, it's not usually a difficult fix.

An overloaded freezer

A freezer that is overloaded can create a lot of problems and one of them is disturbing your ice maker's ability to make ice and eject it. The ice maker has a control arm that can be easy to nudge out of position if your freezer is very full and you're moving things around in there consistently. In order to fix this, you need to just find the metal control arm and move it to the down position, or whatever position constitutes "on" with your model. This will generally get it working again.

An electrical problem

If you go hunting for the control arm and find that is in fact in the on position, then the issue may be a little more involved. Make sure all the electrical connection points on the machine are hooked up properly and power is running to the outlets. Then turn off the power to the freezer and empty the ice maker of any half-formed ice. Return the tray to the freezer, restore power, and toggle the control arm to off and then back on again. Wait a few hours to see if the ice maker begins making ice again. This hard reset should fix an electrical issue.

A clog in the water line

If you've ruled out user error and an electrical issue in the ice maker, you may be dealing with a clog in the water line that runs water to the machine to produce ice. This is likely the cause if the machine won't make ice at all. While you can track down the clog yourself, we recommend calling a professional for help to make sure you don't do any more damage to the ice maker. But, if you want to give it a try you can take a hair dryer to the water line to thaw a clog. Make sure you've turned off the power to the appliance before looking for the clog in the water line.

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