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Services We Provide

Oven Repair in Your Area

Any issues with your stove can be scary. Smelling gas, hearing odd noises, dealing with an oven that won't turn on or worse, one that won't turn off. You shouldn't try to DIY a fix for any oven issue. Researching your issue can help when it comes time to call a professional though. Luckily, we have some of the most common oven problems below.

Oven not self-cleaning

If your oven won't self-clean, it can become a fire hazard as residue builds up and burns. While a power reset may fix a small glitch, the problem could be in the wiring or thermal fuse, which is something a pro should handle. Try to narrow down your issue with research

Oven door won't shut

You can't use an oven that won't close, or won't open. Check the lock and check for an obstruction. After that, it may be a more complicated issue with a gasket, hinge, or the lock. Research the possible causes and then call a professional

Oven won't turn off

This can be an alarming issue. Shut off the power to the oven and leave it off. The problem is likely electrical and more complicated than a DIY fix. But do some research into the causes and then call a professional

Burner won't light

The endless clicking of a burner that won't light can be frustrating. The burner could be clogged with debris, be suffering from a loose connection, or the igniter could be faulty. If you have an electric burner, there are other considerations as well. Look at the options

Gas range has odor

You should smell some gas while using a gas burner. But smelling gas when you're not using the burner or excessively after lighting it is a problem. Shut the burners off, take a look at possible causes, and call a professional for repair help

Gas burner making noise

If you're burner is making noise when it's not in use, that's a sign that something is up. If the burner is hissing, humming, or clicking when not in use there could be issues with the gas line or the air shutter. Reading more can shed light on the causes

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