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Why Is My Gas Burner Making Noise?

When using your gas burners or even your gas stove, you should expect some noise. The clicking sound you hear when you set an oven knob is the sound of the thermostat registering. You should also be hearing clicking sounds when you turn the dial for a gas burner. But there are some noises that are less mundane and point to your oven having some kind of internal problem that's manifesting as an odd noise. There are a few noises you don't want to hear from your burner or oven.

There's a couple of different noises that aren't so routine with an oven or burner but are fairly common. It's worth noting what kind of noise you're hearing, when you're hearing, and how often. Start doing research based on what you find but make sure to call a professional when it comes time to repair the oven. It's always safest to let a professional with experience handle an appliance like an oven.

If you hear a hissing noise

A hissing noise from your stove can be a little alarming. Hissing or even humming is usually a sign that something is wrong with the gas line. You can see further evidence if you light a burner and see the flame is yellow or orange rather than blue or if the burner does not light at all. It can mean you have too much gas or not enough gas. Either way, the air shutter needs to be examined and potentially adjusted or replaced by a professional to ensure the gas ratio is correct.

If you hear a clicking noise

You should hear clicking when turning the oven on or the gas burner. Both click for specific, functional reasons. But clicking when the oven is not on is a sign of an issue. Usually, this clicking noise is coming from a bad spark electrode or a bad switch. It also can be a symptom of moisture getting into different areas of the oven. You should have a professional check it out if it's been going on for a while and see what they diagnose the problem as.

If you hear a whining noise

A whining noise coming from your stove can be the result of a couple different things. The first thing is the air shutter. Like the hissing or humming noise, it can also manifest as a whine. If the whining is coming from your gas cooktop, you're looking at an issue with the regulator which regulates the gas pressure going to the burners. If you hear this and see a weak flame, it means the gas is struggling to get to the burner. So you'll want to call a professional who can do repairs on the regulator and gas line as needed.

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