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Why Won't My Oven Turn Off?

An oven that works is essential. An oven that won't quit is a problem. This is an alarming issue to have with an oven but it's not an entirely uncommon one. Many people deal with an oven that, once you've told it to turn off, simply won't. It keeps running and producing hot air rather than cooling down. Many times this represents a maintenance emergency since you need it to shut off as quickly as possible. To do this you should unplug the oven or flip the breaker that sends power to the outlet it's using, then call a professional to take a look at the oven.

This issue is usually something to do with the electric or heating mechanics in the oven. For that reason, it's always best to call a professional and call them fast when you're dealing with an oven that won't shut off. While you can do some research on your own and prepare yourself with questions for the pro, it's best to let someone with knowledge and experience tackle this kind of oven problem.

A bad oven control board

This is by far the most common reason an oven won't turn off. Modern ovens run on a control board within the appliance itself that is responsible for relaying messages and electricity to different parts of the appliance. An oven that won't turn off usually means one of the relays on the board has shorted which can result in continuous voltage being sent to a heating element, despite being shut off. A professional can do a visual inspection of the board to check for any obvious damage and then perform a test to see exactly where a short is originating and either repair or replace the board.

A faulty thermostat

Your oven utilizes a thermostat to ensure the temperature desired is reached and maintained while it's in use. It's no different than the thermostat in your home sensing for temperature and responding accordingly. But a thermostat in an oven does run the risk of being damaged by heat if it wasn't installed properly or is otherwise faulty. When this happens, there is nothing telling the oven when the temperature has been reached and thus no way for it to know it's time to shut off. One way to find out on your own if the thermostat is to blame is to listen for the clicking sound when you turn your oven knobs. If you don't hear that clicking, the thermostat is likely not working. If you suspect this is the issue, you should call a professional.

Damaged heating elements

Electrical shortages in an oven don't just happen at the control board. The parts themselves can have a short that is the root cause of this issue. You've got baking elements at the bottom of your oven and broiler elements on top, a short in either of these heating elements could mean they're not receiving the relay to shut off and thus continually heating. You can check them for damage but you should call a professional to properly diagnose them and potentially replace them.

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