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Why Is My Refrigerator Leaking Water?

Standing water in your kitchen from a leak is a hazard. It can be a physical hazard if it's present in high-traffic areas where someone could slip. It's also a health hazard, as it attracts pests and becomes a home for bacteria and mold that can be very aggravating to those in sensitive health groups. The minute you notice water is leaking, you should start doing something about it.

Start by investigating exactly where your leak is coming from, as this will give you a good idea of what exactly in the refrigerator is leaking. Then, clean up what you can and make sure the area stays clear. Do some research into the most common areas of a refrigerator for leaks. Have this information, and any questions you have, prepared when you call a professional to come take a look and make repairs.

A blocked water line

If you have a refrigerator that also sports an icemaker or dispenses water, then it will be hooked up to a water line to source water from your home's supply. If this is the case with your refrigerator, then this is the first place you'll want to look when trying to source a leak. These water lines can become blocked with debris or even ice buildup, or they could be damaged and leak water directly from the line. This is usually at the back of the refrigerator, so you can take a look to see if you notice anything. That said, it's best to let a professional do the poking around and diagnosing.

Blocked defrost drain

The defrost drain is a component on many refrigerators that helps keep the refrigerator from freezing and automatically defrosts if there is an issue. The frost it eliminates collects as water in a pan. And sometimes, food particles or other debris from the refrigerator can find their way into the line and get stuck there. It also can be prone to ice buildup because of the cold water and frost that passes through it. This is something you'll want a professional to look at.

A refrigerator that is not level

Another option is that your refrigerator was not installed level. A refrigerator should sit evenly and several inches off the ground. When it's not, the coolant which flows as part of the refrigeration process can cause condensation to accumulate at the bottom of the refrigerator and drip down onto the floor, where it will collect in a puddle that resembles a leak. It's easy to check if your refrigerator is level yourself, but you'll want to talk to a professional about actually fixing the problem of properly reinstalling the refrigerator.

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