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Why is My Washing Machine Noisy?

You expect a bit of noise from your washing machine while it's working. Unless your unit is designated as a quiet unit, it's going to be rocking a bit and making some noise in your home. But you also can tell the difference between usual noise and something that sounds alarming. And certain types of noises, during specific cycles, can be a sign of some serious issues you're dealing with.

Sudden noises, loud bangs, and scratching noises are not part of the normal work of a washing machine. They can even be a sign that something pretty significant is wrong with the machine. Sometimes these noises are easily explainable and not part of a larger mechanical problem, but you need to make sure before contacting a professional.

Noise during agitation or sensing stage

The agitation stage for a washing machine involves disturbing, or agitating, the clothes inside the detergent solution to break up stains and try and release solvents to make cleaning easier. You shouldn't be hearing a ton of noise during this stage. However, if you are, it could be indicative of a failed drum bearing inside the machine. Usually this will be a loud rumbling noise. Replacing the faulty drum bearing with a new one is usually the best fix.

Noise during the water filling stage

When your washer is initially filling with water, it shouldn't be making a ton of noise beyond the sound of the water actually filling the shell. If you're getting consistent noise during the water fill stage, you may be looking at a problem with your water inlet valve. This can happen because it became clogged or simply broke down with wear if you have an older washing machine. While replacing it sounds like a simple fix, this could get complicated and result in more damage if you do it wrong.

Noise from user error

Oftentimes, the sudden noises you hear coming from inside your washing machine can be explained by how you're using it. If you overfill your washing machine you can hear some odd noises as it tries to work through the large load. It's also possible buttons and zippers can be clanking around or the clothes had unexpected items in their pockets that are now rattling around. If the problem of noise is more sporadic than consistent, it may be more about the clothes you're putting in the washer than the washer's functions themselves.

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