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Why Does My Washing Machine Smell?

You don't want anything that's responsible for cleaning to start having bad odors. It kind of defeats the purpose. So, if your washing machine has started giving off a lingering bad odor, it's something you want to tackle quickly and get it smelling squeaky clean. After all, smells don't come from nowhere and they're often the result of bacterial build up or something worse. If you've started to notice some foul odors coming from your washing machine, you'll want to investigate it quickly.

You really don't want to let a smell in your washing machine go. It's only going to get worse and it can start wearing off on your clothes. And if it's the result of bacteria, your clothes aren't going to get super clean. So start investigating when you start to get odd smells from your washing machine.

Front load washing machines

Front-load washing machines can be among the most user-friendly washing machine units out there. But they come with their own sets of issues. One of the annoying problems is a bad smell. Because of the shape of front load washers and the trajectory of the drum's rotation, it can often leave soap scum on the bottom of the drum. Soap doesn't seem like it would smell but that soap scum is full of dirty water from washing your clothes free of debris and stains. The longer it sits, the smellier it gets. It can't hurt to call a professional to take a look at the appliance make sure it's draining properly or offer advice on the best way to tackle a draining issue with a front-load washer

A water leak

Many times, you won't know you have a problem like a leak until other symptoms start showing up. Your washing machine may be losing water in a location not obvious to you, but it festers there anyway. Standing water can become a hotbed for bacteria and a haven for bugs. Both can start to cause odors if left alone. So, if your washing machine seems to be giving off more and more odor, it may be you've got a leak somewhere you can't see. This is when it's time to call an appliance professional.

What you're washing

Sometimes odors come from the things you're putting in your washing machine. Certain stains come out better than others and when that happens the debris from the stains can settle in the machine and fester there. This can happen when you don't have water-soluble stains in your clothes and it's left in the drum after a wash. So if you notice a smell, take a look at the kinds of things you're putting in the washing machine and see if they're leaving traces of their stains and debris when the wash is done.

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