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Why is My Dryer Not Heating?

The dryers only work when they can heat up. Have you ever tried to dry clothes on a dryer that won't get hot? You won't get much in the way of results. And if your dryer is coming out with wet, cold clothes because it won't heat up, it's a sign that something is wrong inside the machine, either mechanically or as part of a lack of maintenance of the machine.

There's several things that could cause a dryer to not heat up properly. Clogs and mechanical failings could both produce the same symptoms which is why troubleshooting is an important part of the process. You need to know what you're dealing with in order for a professional to be able to give you the best repair results. And there are some things you can do to figure out exactly what's causing your issue.

Clogged lint screen

By far the most common cause of a dryer that won't heat is a clogged lint screen. You see this a lot with communal dryers in apartment buildings or dorms where the lint screen doesn't always get cleared out after each use. The lint screen sits in the venting and a clog can block the warm air from getting into the chamber of the dryer where your clothes sit. This can also become a huge fire hazard as the build-up of flammable lint is bombarded with hot air that can eventually ignite it. It's important to always clean out the lint screen after each use of the dryer.

Overly wet clothes

Depending on how poorly your dryer is doing at cleaning your clothes, it may not even be the dryer's fault. Depending on your washer, it may not be draining properly or running a correct spin cycle and as a result clothes are going into your dryer far too wet for one cycle to properly dry. So it's not a bad idea to also check your washer when you're noticing your dryer isn't doing the best job it could.

The energy supply

If you've ruled out user error, there might be something bigger going on with your dryer. Depending on the type of dryer you have, it gets its heat from either a gas or electric supply that allows it to heat up. If your dryer isn't drying clothes, it may be the first sign that there is some sort of electrical or gas issue in your home that may start showing up in other places. If it's not, then it's likely a localized issue with the dryer's connection to either gas or electric and a professional should be able to sort it out for you.

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