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ApplianceAppointment.com is the leading website for connecting new customers with appliance servicers. We connect technicians with new customers at the exact moment they're searching.

We also provide service professionals with a new local advertising platform to replace the Yellow Pages where you reach across multiple platforms, directories and publishers to drive the most new customers your way. With ApplianceAppointment.com you get a powerful, and completely trackable online advertising solution.

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Dean Landers

"After 25 years in the appliance service industry, it is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to ApplianceAppointment.com.

My partners at ApplianceAppointment.com launched ApplianceAppointment.com with one goal in mind: to increase sales for service professionals such as you."

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Dean Landers
Chairman, National Independent Appliance Servicers

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Appliance Repair Marketing Insights – The Value of Tracking Your Phone Calls

New York, NY -- January 27, 2011 -- New customer phone calls are the goal of your online marketing efforts, they are the juice that keeps your business running – these calls keep your technicians busy today and they build an established customer base who will rely on you in the future. So wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what you are getting from these phone calls? With the complete call trackability offered by ApplianceAppointment.com, you will be able to track when and where each call comes from, what the call was regarding (from a brief voice-to-text transcription), and you can even go back and listen to calls between the customers and your staff.

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